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In this post you will find a list of bisexual resources. Please feel free to email me if you would like your site added to this list.

URL: 'Both Sides Now'
Bisexual group in Vermont. Montrealers are welcome.

URL: 'Montreal Bi Women'
Online Yahoo Club EXCLUSIVELY for bi women (no exceptions sorry). Regular online chats & get togethers. This is THE club to join if you are a bi woman. Amazing group! This is a closed-invite only group so if you wiss to join, please contact the group owner by email.

URL: 'Bi-Queer Montreal'
Egroup for Montreal Bisexuals who identify more as "Queer".

URL: 'Bi-Bec'
BiBEC is a new francophone website for bisexuals in Quebec.

URL: 'Bisexuelle'
Bisexuelle is a French IRC channel. Most of its members consist of Montrealers. The website also has interesting information, including classifieds. French only site.

URL: 'Bisexual Options'
Bisexual Options is a website where you can find everything and anything regarding bisexuality. It has an array of BI information, resources, mailing groups and links. This is a must see!

URL: 'Bisexuelle Undernet'
Web site for a French Bi channel on IRC.

URL: 'Polyvalence'
Soiree for Montreal bisexuals and friends.

URL: 'PlanetOut'
This is a great site! Lists bi movies, books, there are also several forums and chats! All free!

URL: 'BiCafe'
URL: 'Bi Pride Store'
URL: 'Bi Flag'
This is a paying site, but worth it. There are online personals, chat, info, pictures, bi store (anyone can access this)... you also get your own web e-mail account!

URL: 'Polyamour'
International, multilingual poly-bi website.

URL: 'Bi-Queer Halifax'
Bi-Queer Halifax is a group for bi/queer folk who live in and around Halifax. This is a "Clean" discussion group, so no ads on the e-group please. All member information is kept confidential. There will also be social/discussion meetings once a month.

URL: 'CalgaryBiW'
A Calagary site for Bisexual women.

URL: 'BiVersity'
A web site for bisexual women in Nova Scotia.

URL: 'Bisexual Women of Toronto'
A non-profit group of women that meet once a month for support, discussion and the planning of social events. The group is open to women who are bisexual or are interest in bisexuality. Enjoying yourself is what it's all about with events such as picnics and brunches.

URL: 'London Bisexual Network'
A support / discussion / networking group in London, Ontario, Canada.

URL: 'Ottawa Bi/Poly Group'
The Ottawa Bi/Poly Group gets together the LAST SUNDAY of every month for a social dinner. Come join us for dinner and conversation where you can feel comfortable to discuss polyamory, bisexuality, and even Babylon 5, in a fun, social setting. Newcomers are welcome - regardless of current relationship status.

URL: 'BiTopia'
This group invites creative discussion and constructive comments, suggestions, and material for possible submission to Toronto's upcoming bisexual website, Bitopia.

URL: 'BiCanadaGuys'
An adult discussion group for men.

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